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How do you choose a system to teach with? There are many to choose from. It is a good idea to read over the material and follow the research put into the different systems. You will be adding your personality and excitement to what ever system you decide to go with. If the system has been around for a while there should be enough sample material that you can start teaching with. Some have books written by the founders of the various methods. Some you may have heard of like Dr. James Asher’s Total Physical Response,Blaine Ray’s TPR Storytelling and Caleb Gattegno’s Silent Way. Additionally others have produced teaching guides that supplement the different systems like Ben Slavic for TPR Storytelling or Donald E. Cherry for Silent Way. Some have recorded lesson in classrooms or at seminars and posted them on YouTube. Donald E. Cherry has posted quite a few YouTube videos from seminars in Tokyo. His multi-camera edited videos will give you a good view of how he uses the Silent Way system. Of course the good teachers simply started and got better over time. You have the same opportunity.