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Setting up the classroom is harder than it looks. The obvious parts like tables and chairs along with the whiteboard were difficult to get correct to match the students. In hindsight I would have preferred a whiteboard that had faint horizontal lines to keep the written material from slanting upward. The table surfaces should have been smoother to make writing on paper easier. The height was a challenge for mixed kids classes and adults. Wheels on whiteboards and rolling storage carts gives you flexibility in the room. A large monitor to view videos on is a big plus. Unfortunately YouTube changed the system to display videos full screen so we had to update the computers to be able to utilize this full screen function. We had wireless set up in the classroom but we had the option to run a connecting wire to the router to be able to use older computer equipment. A quiet but powerful fan is also a great addition. Most of the time it can be kept on a low setting but it is nice to have the ability to move a lot of air when needed. Originally we did not have carpeting but added it later. A lot of things like portable phones drop on to the floor so it was nice to have the extra cushion. We could install the carpet squares ourselves so they could be replaced easily in high traffic areas. With our bright room we could have used a darker carpet and not had to replace the squares so often. We had a concrete block wall so it was easy to put up posters with double stick tape. The other walls were drywall material so we had to limit what was displayed on them.