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Growing up, I was just average going through high school. I had a talent for sports and participated in football, soccer, baseball and wrestling. One man, Donald Sudbrink, had an amazing influence in my life. He coached the wrestling team and helped students plan for their next steps in choosing a college to attend. In his guidance session with me he said one sentence that changed my life. He said that I was not a quitter and that what ever challenges life was going to give me, I was going to overcome them.

As I look back this tough wrestling coach gave me the skills to meet life head on. A coach can see us differently than we see ourselves. A coach can  help us get to where we want to go faster and farther than we could all by ourselves. If you are thinking about being an English teacher then you are in the right place. I have gone through the process and I am glad to share my insights. I have condensed years of research and experience in to easily understandable coaching tips.

My first day in the teaching business I was supposed to observe another teacher’s class. The teacher didn’t show up so I became the teacher. I survived somehow. I took every opportunity to teach. I had to travel far to reach some classes. I taught in vehicle factories, research facilities for high tech industries, pharmaceutical labs, automotive smart control systems, fuel refinery industry and even the Bullet Train headquarters.  Eventually I started my own school. We taught kids classes and adults. At the same time I taught classes for a large business in our area at their main office. Let me help get you started on your career in the language teaching business.