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When I first started researching teaching tips I ordered the book The Art and Science of Learning Languages written by Amorey Gethin and Erik V. Gunnemark. I contacted Mr. Gethin by email and he responded with helpful tips. His approach was more “old school” since he had been teaching for more than 40 years. Many of the old ways of teaching languages still had their place in the modern high tech world. If there are websites connected with the book writers then you can see the latest posts and helpful downloads of content connected to the books. I printed out pages of content and kept them  for classroom use. Some hard copy books were difficult to get from Japan but some of the content was presented on the website.   You will have to get a good book that explains the grammar of English. I purchased several but there are different naming systems for the different aspects of grammar. Another important area is the “learning” guides for foreign languages. Of great interest to me was techniques used by graduates of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, California.  A helpful book was Speak Like A Native by Michael D. Janich. He was a two-time graduate with honors from the (DLIFLC) in Chinese-Mandarin and Vietnamese.