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When we travel in a foreign country, it is good to have a map. My map of Japan is getting older and I have to use tape to keep it together in some places. The iconic photo on the cover of the map is well known to me. I could see the beautiful snow covered Mount Fuji where I lived before and also where I live now I can see the tea growing in manicured rows. Next to the map is another map of sorts. It is a map of the spelling of English words. It is a guide to the logic of the spelling rules that many readers of English struggle with. The author Denise Eide has been an ESL teacher and is on a mission to solve the literacy crisis in America and subsequently, the struggle of ESL students to learn how to read in English worldwide. In addition to her book, she has produced teaching materials for the classroom with teacher guides. Check out to see how to improve your own reading and spelling and pass on the lessons learned to your students.